Need for Innovation in Brick and Construction Industry

How quality control software for Builders (SaaS) can resolve all issues

The world is increasingly turning towards technology to create a digitised ecosystem capable of handling multiple problems, but real estate and construction are sectors which have been burdened by legacy frameworks and traditional systems since ages. With the industrial landscape now enjoying the varied benefits of technology and innovation, it is time for brick industry to adopt quality software for builders and try out the option of SaaS for contractors. Software as a Service has been garnering enormous popularity, given its array of advantages, and SaaS for construction industry can revamp the entire ecosystem in a sustainable and fruitful manner.

Construction management software is helping the brick industry in unprecedented ways and one major instance of this is the BRICKBUILDTM SYSTEM of Australia. This is an industry lead system designed to facilitate coordination amongst the various stakeholders of the sector, including builders, brick makers, bricklayers, and cleaners. The quality control software for builders ensures the possibility of achieving pristine brick results with sustainable standards. The construction management software is extremely popular in Australia, as can be seen from the fact that 85 companies and major builders have signed-on since its inception in March 2020. The ever-growing client base has proven that SaaS for contractors is a necessity and indicated that BRICKBUILD SYSTEM’s mission to create environmentally sustainable standards across the entire brick-making industry by December 2022 is certainly a major possibility.

SaaS for construction industry has several proven environmental and ecosystem benefits, including the fact that the BRICKBUILD SYSTEM promotes cleaner standards across all brick-building trades, thus mitigating the likelihood of extra resources spent at remedial jobs. Further, the quality control software for builders also ensures sustainability as all businesses connected to BRICKBUILD SYSTEM are major BRICKWASH users, a 100% biodegradable cleaning liquid. This liquid acts as an environment-friendly alternative to harsh chemicals like hydrochloric acid. Indeed, the application of BRICKBUILD SYSTEM SaaS for contractors ensures that there is reduced water usage, less wastage of chemicals, comparably lower fuel consumption to run equipment and transport to remedial jobs, lower greenhouse emissions, and limited consumption of natural resources, including water and sand. These advantages make construction management software imperative for the industry’s benefit and sustainable future.

How does SaaS for construction industry enable the ecosystem?
A multitude of issues can be resolved by applying SaaS for construction industry. For instance, application of BRICKBUILD SYSTEM in construction ensures that all trades connected to the platform comply with high-quality workmanship and put in a concerted effort to meet environmental standards. Accordingly, all contractors using the platform are introduced to safer and sustainable cleaning products, are made capable of meeting Australian standards in bricklaying and are held accountable for their responsibilities. This builds trust and long-term relationships in the industry, thus uplifting the entire ecosystem and reducing problems. Further, BRICKBUILD’s monitoring system and new rating platform enables cross-communication and real-time feedback between stakeholders, thus boosting accountability.

An innovative solution that ensures quality brickwork from start to finish.

BRICK WASH has been carefully developed with sustainability in mind and that complies with Australian Building Standards.

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