Gain Excellent Brickwork Quality, Higher Productivity & Improved Work-life Balance!

BrickBuild System SaaS platform ensures brickwork quality from bricklaying all the way to brick cleaning, and gets our Australian tradesmen in and out of the work sites as quickly as possible.

Gain the Additional Benefits-

  • Remedial Costs Reductions
  • Carbon Footprint Reductions
  • Toxic Chemical Reductions

A web based platform providing real time reporting from sites to Builders, Bricklayers and Cleaners. Delivering a single source of truth.

100% biodegradable product is the most prominent feature of brickbuild system product.

The BRICKBUILD™ System encourages sustainable safer chemicals that comply to Australian Building Standards. It is our goal to reduce risk to ensure a safer environment for contractors.

We recommend immaculate bricklaying work to facilitate a pristine finish.


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