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BRICKBUILD™ System gives the bricklayers access to builders in different locations, the quantity of bricks that are to be laid, view their scores for each job order as well as the overall score. The SaaS platform also allows you to network with other industry professionals, giving you the opportunity for constant work, and ongoing support.

We are proud to have over 600 bricklayers on the BrickBuild System platform who have successfully completed their projects, and are consistently bagging new ones, through the stakeholder feedback, technical support, and creating job quality assurance through BRICKBUILD™ System.

In addition to the SaaS program for job order and quality management and monitoring, BRICKBUILD™ System also offers a specialist Brick Cleaning course giving your business the opportunity to add to your services portfolio, and expanding your business opportunities.

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Additionally we offer you:

  • Support and training on brick cleaning preparation issues onsite (by appointment)
  • A record of your performance to ensure demand for your services and to generate future leads
  • Up-skill with Accredited Training from the Brick Cleaning Industry

Bricklaying being one of the most crucial steps in the construction process requires excellent bricklaying skills along with material and mixture ratios’ knowledge. A well-finished bricklaying job ensures the conduction of the following brick cleaning process smooth and damage-free by avoiding high pressure washing to remove mortar build-up and smears.

BRICKBUILD™ System has developed the SaaS platform to cater to the bricklayers by providing technical knowledge, support, and their own dashboard to create, view, and manage their job orders online as well as offline.

The SaaS platform has been created to help the bricklayers improve their services through direct feedback on their job quality, from brick cleaners and the builders themselves. The online job order repository works as a reference for quality check on the bricklaying and brick cleaning jobs and is viewable by every job personnel (builders, bricklayers, and brick cleaners) who are responsible for the job orders. Through the functionality of real-time job completion updates to the brick cleaners, the bricklayers ensure on-time brick cleaning to maintain the bricks in their pristine, damage-free form.

An innovative solution that ensures quality brickwork from start to finish.

BRICK WASH has been carefully developed with sustainability in mind and that complies with Australian Building Standards.

We are committed to reducing risk to the Brick Industry to ensure a safer environment for all contractors.

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