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Designed for Sustainable Standards (Fullfilling Commitments via SaaS)

The construction industry is build on trust and responsibility. These facets are optimised by seamlessly leveraging SaaS for the stakeholders of the construction industry. Software as a Service programs for the construction industry have a proven impact on customer relations and satisfaction and ensure the building work is completed in accordance with the timelines.
The BrickBuild System desktop and mobile application, which offers software for builders and contractors, has been designed for bricklayers and brick cleaners to be able to create job orders, provide updates, and monitor the entire process as a team. Our SaaS program for builders enhances the interactions through the real-time notifications, captures pre and post work site pictures for quality check purposes, add comments to job site reports, creates internal coordination and assures highest quality work through the internal digital auditing and monitoring software. The software also helps users generate, view, and download individual performance and work reports.
The brick construction industry revolves around four pillars - brick manufacturer, builder, bricklayer and brick cleaner and our BrickBuild System SaaS for contractors and builders ensures that the four stakeholders communicate and collaborate seamlessly to construct the best building possible.

  • Better Accessibility

    For Both Android and IOS Users

    Discover an entirely novel and innovative way of quality assurance developed basis in depth analysis, observations, and feedback from the industry players themselves. The BrickBuild System platform was designed because we recognised the need for a common platform which links the workers on sites with the managers/supervisors in office and a system that talks to all the job stakeholders in real time, provides consistent information, and ensures enhanced quality of bricklaying and brick cleaning processes.
    Designed for easy on site usability, the BrickBuild system SaaS platform ensures quality work completion and optimal coordination. The system is being used by bricklayers and brick cleaners all around Victoria and has ensured a call back rate reduction of 99%. It ensures optimal use of price, time, and efforts by enabling builders to manage job orders in real time access a single repository for each job order and have a single source of truth.

  • Quality Monitoring & Control

    Through Internal Coordination

    BrickBuild system SaaS platform ensures quality assesment and control through a consistantly upload software which makes the construction industry both accountable and timely. We are continously developing to create a relevant, efficient, user-friendly quality assurance and job management system with optimal user interface, along with constant business process enhancement and sustainable products. The BrickBuild System SaaS platform has been designed for stakeholders to be able to create job orders, provide updates, and monitor the entire process as a well-connected team. Our intent is to provide the best software solutions to uplift the entire construction industry.

  • Higher Accountability

    Creating Higher Awareness Through Material Information and Continuous Feedback

    To make sure that the outcome is nothing less than astonishing, our SaaS platfrom gathers information such as sand type, cement type, additives types, plasticizer type, etc. to help create transparency and ensuring that the bricklaying and brick cleaning procedures are up to the industry standards.
    The supervisors, bricklayers, and brick cleaners internally rate the brickwork quality and provide feedback which helps the bricklayers and brick cleaners to understand their work quality and make the required improvements for their future projects.

  • Performance Measurement

    For Both Android and IOS Users

    In additon to connecting the stakeholders, the BrickBuild System SaaS platfrom also offers users the opportunity to rate the services they have received. We offer a rating feature which can be a repository of knowledge for the entire industry. Rating ensures that users can provide adequate feedback after receiving services and make the service providers more accountable. With our BBS rating system, you can give credits for the completed job and the service providers who worked on the project.

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A web based platform providing real time reporting from sites to Builders, Bricklayers and Cleaners. Delivering a single source of truth.

100% biodegradable product is the most prominent feature of brickbuild system product.

The BRICKBUILD™ System encourages sustainable safer chemicals that comply to Australian Building Standards. It is our goal to reduce risk to ensure a safer environment for contractors.

We recommend immaculate bricklaying work to facilitate a pristine finish.


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