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Brick cleaning may sound simple to the owners of the building but it includes a number of precise steps and techniques which maintain the integrity of the house. Brick cleaners need to be prepared and ready to take up orders quickly and efficiently as there is a short window for effective brick building cleaning once the brick laying process is concerned.

With the imperative nature of this ecosystem, BRICKBUILD™ System gives brick cleaners the capability to view and manage all their job orders from a single platform. The brick cleaners can view builder details, bricklayer details, brick type, quantity of bricks, and create job reports for quality monitoring purposes and references when it comes to optimal brick cleaning.

In addition to this, the brick cleaners also receive instant notifications, from the bricklayers, on their job completion, allowing enough time for the brick cleaners to prepare for the upcoming jobs and brick building cleaning requirements.

Through the instant new job order notifications, work progress updates, and capability to create job reports accessible to builders and bricklayers, the brick cleaners can ensure a holistic and top-quality outcome which compliments the brick cleaning services!

The network is especially useful for brick cleaners as the platform connects you with other industry professionals. This ensures that brick cleaners can choose projects from different locales, receive the opportunity for consistent work, and benefit from ongoing training and support facilities. The platform helps all pillars of the construction community work together in a seamless and efficient manner.

BRICKBUILD™ System provides the following benefits to brick cleaners –

  • 24/7 access to your own web portal access to ongoing and upcoming jobs
  • Expert cleaning recommendations that are specific to the brick types
  • Delivery of safer chemicals from builders to allocated worksites
  • Support and training on urgent issues (Can be done onsite by appointment)
  • Monitoring and recording of performance to increase the demand for your brick cleaning services and help you generate leads
  • Up-skill with specialized Training from the Brick Cleaning Industry
  • Option to lease or buy the latest brick cleaning equipment and supplies

Further, BRICKBUILD™ System also offers brick cleaners access to effective and industry leading brick cleaning products. Brick cleaning acids like hydrochloric acid wash and neutralisation processes for brick cleaning cause extreme damages to the bricks, household fittings, metal frames, gutters, etc., in addition to surface erosions, loss of colour, staining, discoloration, and unevenly distributed colours which result in higher repair costs.

Brick cleaning acid also harms the environment, making it an unhealthy choice. You can, instead, opt for the right brick cleaning chemical to negate such problems.

BRICKBUILD™ System has introduced a highly effective, 100% biodegradable brick cleaning chemical, Brickwash. The chemical is highly recommended by some of the top Australian Brick Manufacturers as it removes cement quickly with minimal damages to the bricks or the environment.

With BRICKBUILD™ System’s SaaS platform and brick wash solutions you can add to your business’ value through effective quality management and monitoring, and use of environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

An innovative solution that ensures quality brickwork from start to finish.

BRICK WASH has been carefully developed with sustainability in mind and that complies with Australian Building Standards.

We are committed to reducing risk to the Brick Industry to ensure a safer environment for all contractors.

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