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Gain complete confidence in brickwork quality with BRICKBUILD™ System brickwork quality assurance and management system. Get access to your own web portal to view all in-progress and completed jobs with details such as job start date, bricklayer and brick cleaner information, and overall job reports which include

  • Pre and post brick wash photos of walls
  • Emergency alerts in real time describing onsite issues due to improper bricklaying and/or brick cleaning jobs
  • Completed onsite checklist of OH&S requirements
  • Bricklayer and brick cleaner ratings for each job

We ensure the highest level of quality to keep the appearance of bricks the same as in the showrooms by monitoring and managing the brickwork processes, from project start to end, through our software system implementation. In addition, the team at BRICKBUILD™ System provides assistance in the assessment of jobs prior to cleaning and provides expert advice and tips. To ensure correct cleaning techniques are implemented, BRICKBUILD™ System Offers:

  • Delivery of safer chemicals from BRICKBUILD™ System to you
  • 24/7 data access to the progression and completion of your contracted jobs
  • Expert cleaning recommendations for bricks pre-identified (variables excluded)
  • Quality assurance of standard consistent finishes after brick cleaning completion
  • Contractors inducted into applying safer chemical practices in the brick industry
  • Alerts from contractor’s onsite

The BrickBuild System quality assurance software platform has been developed to help the bricklayers and brick cleaners improve their job quality through continuous feedback, instant technical support, and enhanced coordination through digitised communication amongst the supervisors, bricklayers, and brick cleaners.

A web based platform providing real time reporting from sites to Builders, Bricklayers and Cleaners. Delivering a single source of truth.

100% biodegradable product is the most prominent feature of brickbuild system product.

The BRICKBUILD™ System encourages sustainable safer chemicals that comply to Australian Building Standards. It is our goal to reduce risk to ensure a safer environment for contractors.

We recommend immaculate bricklaying work to facilitate a pristine finish.


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