BRICK WASH: Clean with Confidence, Safely and Sustainably.

For over 30 years we have encountered and overcome many challenges in the brick cleaning industry, especially the dangers of working with hydrochloric acid on both users and the environment.

Through rigorous research and experience working with both harsh and environmentally friendly chemicals on the market, we are proud to deliver a product that produces exceptional results without harming the planet and its users.

Why Choose Brick Build System™ BRICK WASH

Brick Build System™ BRICK WASH is a unique synthetic mix of inorganic and organic chemicals designed to dissolve all cementitious concrete from all brick and block surfaces. It’s safe to use removing cement quickly with only a few minutes of reaction time. Requires no neutralisation wash, merely rinse the product from the treated surface with clean running water.

BRICK WASH removes mortar smears, tile grout, efflorescence salts, calcium & lime scale and is also perfect for timber stains, timber decks, concrete exposed aggregate, pavers and rust.

Its formula eliminates the risk of pitting, burning, staining, or after-staining on the brickwork of any variety, including sensitive.

BRICK WASH is backed by Australia’s top Brick Manufactures and Brick Cleaners.

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Australian Made
  • Non-Toxic, Non Fuming
  • Non-Dangerous Good
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Mitigates Manganese and Vanadium Staining
  • Complies With The EPA 2021 Laws For a Safer Brick Cleaning Alternative
  • Easy To Use & Apply
  • BRICK WASH is available in 15L, 5L and 1L.

An innovative solution that ensures quality brickwork from start to finish.

BRICK WASH has been carefully developed with sustainability in mind and that complies with Australian Building Standards.

We are committed to reducing risk to the Brick Industry to ensure a safer environment for all contractors.

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