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We continually provide top quality brickwork by working with the bricklayers and brick cleaners from the start till the end of the projects.

BrickBuild System has been developed to eliminate the remedial procedures that follow high pressure and hydrochloric washes, and reducing carbon footprint by 80%.

By ensuring the correct mortar mix formula is being used by the bricklayers, the right practices are being followed by the brick cleaners,
encouraging the use of environmentally-friendly products for brick cleaning, and integrating the SaaS platform to continually monitor the quality outputs, we have successfully completed 1000+ projects with the top Australian Builders and Manufacturers such as Boutique, Metricon, Carlisle, Austral Bricks, AdBri Masonry, and many many more!

The recognition, acknowledgment, and trust that the construction industry has placed in the SaaS platform has motivated us to continually develop better solutions for brickwork quality assurance. BrickBuild System SaaS Platform, along with our 100% biodegradable and environmentally-friendly product Brick Wash, has bagged us a place in the HIA GreenSmart 2021 Awards’ top finalists list.

Our knowledge of high quality bricklaying and brick cleaning procedures, practices, and solutions, support to bricklayers and brick cleaners, and focus on customer service has helped us gain the trust of our customers and be more than just a software solution.

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The Brick Build System desktop and mobile application has been designed for bricklayers and brick cleaners

to be able to create job orders, provide updates, and monitor the entire process as a team.

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About Our Software


Discover a whole new way of quality assurance that has been developed based on the analysis, observations, and feedback from the industry players themselves. There has been a realization for the need for a common platform that links the workers on sites with the managers / supervisors in office and a system that talks to all the job stakeholders in real time, provides consistent information, and ensures enhanced quality of bricklaying and brick cleaning processes.

The Brick Build System desktop and mobile application has been designed for bricklayers and brick cleaners to be able to create job orders, provide updates, and monitor the entire process as a team.

What can be done through Brick Build System software?

  • Enhance the interactions through real-time notifications Capture pre and post-work site pictures for quality check purposes that are accessible by the site supervisors, bricklayers, and brick cleaners. Add comments to the job site reports.
  • Create internal coordination and assure highest quality work through the internal digital auditing and monitoring software.
  • Generate, view, and download individual performance and work reports.

The system has been designed for easy on-site usability, ensure quality work completion, and coordination. The system has been, and is being used, by bricklayers and brick cleaners all around Victoria, reducing the call back rates by 99%. Our users have found value in the application for being able to manage the job orders in real time, having a single repository for each job order that is accessible by only the job specific stakeholders, and having a single source of truth.

A Premium Product That Ensures Environmental And Personal Safety

Brick Build System aims to bring Business, Technology, and Sustainability to our business processes as well as to the construction industry. Environmental safety and protection has always been our prime focus. We have made conscious efforts to implement sustainable practices and introduce only highly sustainable and environmentally-friendly products.

What Our Clients Say

We at Little Constructions have been using the Brick Build System as part of our quality assurance process for quite a few years now. The Portal is very easy to use and allows an open transparent platform for Builder, Bricklayer and Brick Cleaner to view.
We have found the finish far superior to the regular high pressure, acid washes that we had done previously. Our clients always comment on how good the brickwork looks, which is a credit to the Bricklayer and the Brick Build System. And the best part is it’s great for the environment too

Mark Little, Director, Little Constructions | President, Master Builders Victoria

Great product that works; a good safe product. The service from Brenton, and the team, is awesome

Adrian Cahill, Brick cleaning services, Shepperton

First time user of brick build systems biodegradable brick wash; brick cleaner found it a much better product to be using overall compared to hydrochloric acid. It’s a lot more user friendly for my employees and myself and it isn’t too harsh on the bricks and mortar that helps prevent blowouts and even colour change. Highly rate it and we won’t be going back to hydrochloric acid.

Leon, L & L Duran Bricklaying, Geelong

An innovative solution that ensures quality brickwork from start to finish.

BRICK WASH has been carefully developed with sustainability in mind and that complies with Australian Building Standards.

We are committed to reducing risk to the Brick Industry to ensure a safer environment for all contractors.

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