A Premium Product That Ensures Environmental And Personal Safety

Brick Build System aims to bring Business, Technology, and Sustainability to our business processes as well as to the construction industry. Environmental safety and protection has always been our prime focus. We have made conscious efforts to implement sustainable practices and introduce only highly sustainable and environmentally-friendly products. Through continuous research, various sample trials, analysis and comparison of the results of different products on various types of bricks (including sensitive bricks) we have gained a huge insight and knowledge of the brick cleaning chemicals that are available in the market. After rigorous research and working with various harsh as well as environmentally-friendly chemicals we are proud to introduce the one that has stood up to the mark, and has proven to be in line with our company values, BRICKWASH.

What makes BrickWash stand apart?

  • It is 100% Biodegradable
  • Brick manufacturer approved
  • Perfect for all brick types including sensitive bricks
  • Safer alternative to harsh chemicals
  • Chemical of choice for the top cleaners in Melbourne
  • Safe to use.
  • Removes cement quickly, with only a few moments reaction time.
  • Requires no neutralisation wash.
  • Rinse from treated surface with clean running water.
  • BRICKWASH is fully biodegradable.

A web based platform providing real time reporting from sites to Builders, Bricklayers and Cleaners. Delivering a single source of truth.

100% biodegradable product is the most prominent feature of brickbuild system product.

The BRICKBUILD™ System encourages sustainable safer chemicals that comply to Australian Building Standards. It is our goal to reduce risk to ensure a safer environment for contractors.

We recommend immaculate bricklaying work to facilitate a pristine finish.


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