Enabling and Optimising BrickLayer Responsibilities via Brick Build System

Bricklaying contractors and bricklaying companies undergo a highly hectic schedule with completing multiple responsibilities such as laying as cleanly as possible, ensuring mortar consistency, and also making sure that the work is completed on time and in pristine quality. Bricklayer cleaners are also tasked with ensuring the integrity of the building over the years ahead.

In this scenario, bricklaying companies must access a network system which can help them reach builders across locations and ensure the best possible manner of completing the project. In this regard, BRICKBUILD™ System provides bricklayers required access, helps them ascertain the quantity of bricks that need to be laid, allows them to analyse their overall scores and ratings as well as individual job scores, ensuring that no aspect is missed. The SaaS platform for bricklayers also permits users to reach out to and network with industry professionals, offering them the opportunity to enjoy constant work and consistent support.

How Can Bricklayers Ensure Optimal Services?

You must lay bricks as clean as possible. Remember that all walls must be thoroughly cleaned within 3 weeks of brick work completion. Our SaaS platform helps you track the progress without any hassles. If the walls are partially built, you will have to hand clean the area at the end of each day to prevent mortar hardening too much. If you are building a sandy and extured brick face, it must be cleaned within 7 days as mortar might smear heavily post this period. You can update the details and the cleaner can view the same on the SaaS platform.

The way sand, cement and lime are mixed is important so, remember the 6:1:1 ratio. Even mortar consistency is only achieved after eight minutes of mixing. Avoid additives in bigger quantities and ensure a job well done for excellent reviews. The BrickBuild System platform rates the bricklayer and ensures a holistic approach to make sure that there is no confusion. Trusted by over 600 bricklayers, the platform has become a convenient and apt base for Australian construction industry stakeholders who can find everything they need at one place.

In addition to all the other benefits, the SaaS platform also helps bricklayers by supporting and training you on brick cleaning preparation issues onsite, offering you a record of your performance to ensure demand for your services and to generate future leads and opportunities to up-skill with Accredited Training from the Brick Cleaning Industry. If you are looking for technical knowledge, support, and your own dashboard to create, view, and manage job orders online as well as offline, the BrickBuild System SaaS platform is the best place for you to meet your goals optimally and sustainably.

Add to it the fact that you can access direct feedback on your job quality, from brick cleaners and builders, and there is no stopping your potential development and growth in the business. The verified comments and ratings can also bring you more leads and help you expand to other localities.

An innovative solution that ensures quality brickwork from start to finish.

BRICK WASH has been carefully developed with sustainability in mind and that complies with Australian Building Standards.

We are committed to reducing risk to the Brick Industry to ensure a safer environment for all contractors.

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